What we do



We analyze your visual work according to our core values - equality and diversity - and use these insights to move your brand in a modern direction towards inclusive and responsible communication.

Norm Creativity

We infuse a norm creative approach to your campaign work and photo shoots, to merge your existing brand values with perspectives of equality and diversity for greater impact.



Our strategies will set your brand apart with strategical and tactical choices for your norm creative content.


Idea & Concepts

Based on a brand analyse and target group strategy we set goals for your brand to achieve through a campaign concept.


We provide strategies based on your business needs and wishes - With expertise in social media, brand strategy, target group strategy, and society sponsorship engagement.

Brand strategy, Communicative strategy, Social media strategy, Society sponsorship engagement & Target group strategy


Visual Analysis

We analyze your current content. With a focus on the visual and texts, we develop an action plan to position you towards your competitors.

Campaigns, Content, Graphical & Photo


Lectures & Workshops

We provide inspirational lectures to raise awareness and empower your business.

Improve your team to solid self-image with inspirational examples and practical exercises in self-leadership.


Hej Boss

Modern women

My reality - Social media and youths

The power of images




We provide photos with a norm creative perspective to ensure that your brand exudes a modern and conscious approach.

Headshots & Press photos