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Our Core

Our business is built on key principles of norm creativity, equality and diversity. These pillars ensure we take a creative and inclusive approach to everything we do from content strategy and in-house analysis to education, influencer marketing and creative production.

Felicia Margineanu has inspired over 100,000 people to take action towards a more inclusive model of communication

“We have created content to destigmatise mental illness by discussing the power of the image from an equal and norm critical perspective”


Our Consciousness

Norm Creativity

We infuse our approach to your campaign work and photo shoots, with our norm creative expertise to merge your existing brand values with perspectives of equality and diversity for greater impact.


We analyse your visual work according to our core values - equality and diversity - and use these insights to move your brand in a modern direction towards inclusive and responsible communication.


Our strategies will set your brand apart with strategical and tactical choices for your norm creative photographic content

Your Opportunities



We have a team of photographers dedicated to produce pictures and video content for your brand which are norm conscious.


Influencer Marketing

We have a network of social influencers that we work with to perfectly distribute your content and ensure it reaches the right audience.



We offer workshops and lectures to help brands enlighten their staff in norm creative communication through imagery and content.

We will make your brand matter


Reality Check

98% of all young people in Sweden have access to internet, and according to IIS, girls are much more active in social media than guys.

According to MUCF report on youth mental health young people form their identities, to a great extent, based on interactions in digital social channels.

Girls and young women are pressured to focus on their performance and fixate on their appearance by comparing themselves to pictures that they have never learned to interpret or understand from a norm-critical and equal perspective.

There is an increase in mental illness as a whole. Studies show that young girls are highly affected by imagery they see in advertising and this has a contributing role in their mental health.

We believe the right form of advertising can have a positive impact on how young people perceive themselves.

We see a great gap in age and gender between the advertisement producers and the advertisement consumers. Our mission is to bridge this gap! We want to create a style of communication which is more socially responsible and positive for people to experience.


Are you a modern brand?
If YES - equality, diversity and exploring new ideas through norm creativity is part of your brand story.
If NO - we can take you there!




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